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How can I become MAOCI supplier?
Are you a reseller and would MAOCI items fit into your range of products? If so please contact us via E-Mail or phone (+49 234 - 36 93 97 70).

How can I order a MAOCI product catalogue?
Please order the actual MAOCI product catalogue by E-Mail, phone (+49 234 - 36 93 97 70) or fax (+49 234 - 36 93 97 72). You can get a first impression of the catalogue with our online Lookbook.

Who can I order any MAOCI products?
You can order MAOCI products via E-Mail, phone (+49 234 - 36 93 97 70), fax (+49 234 - 36 93 97 72). Please always add your customer ID (if already received) and the correct item ID for a complete order. You can find an order sheet here.

Can porcelain and glass items be used in a microwave and dishwasher?
Of course – all MAOCI items made of porcelain and glass are suitable for microwaves and dishwashers. Items made of cast iron should never be warmed in a microwave.

Why is it possible that same MAOCI items look different?
Differences in form, colour, and volume of the MAOCI items – porcelain and glass as well cast iron – are absolutely normal and evidence of true handcraft. Every MAOCI item is unique, therefore you will always find little differences.

Where can I buy MAOCI products?
MAOCI-products are available at more than 1,000 outlets in Germany, but also across Europe. There also many smaller and bigger tea stores from Flensburg to Konstanz and from Finland to Spain. As well as J.T. Ronnefeldt KG, there are a lot of TeeGschwendner Franchise-partners and the online-shops Nibelungentee, Edeltee and Matchashop.

What do I need to know about carrying cast iron products?
Advices on the most frequent questions about carrying cast iron MAOCI products we have collected here on our website. The infopaper "Advice for cast iron" you can download here as a PDF file. You can order the printed version by E-Mail, phone (+49 234 - 36 93 97 70), fax (+49 234 - 36 93 97 72).