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Discover the MAOCI catalogue 2024!

Modern and useful: The MAOCI catalogue is available as an intuitive online document with helpful and interactive elements

Do you already know the recent MAOCI catalogue? For the second time in a row, the recent range appears exclusively as a modern and practical online document. This creates new opportunities for you and us. To make handling easier and more intuitive, the catalogue was designed with helpful interactive elements.

You can go from the table of contents to the desired product groups with just one click on the category image and then return from each page using the home button at the top left. You can easily scroll back and forth using the arrow keys and get an overview of the pages using the thumbnail view. You can also save the catalogue as a PDF and view it offline at any time.

As an online version, you can also view the document from different devices regardless of location. No matter whether at your desk via your computer, on your sofa via your tablet, or on the way via your mobile phone – you now have access to the current MAOCI range anytime, anywhere.

We would be happy to send you the link to the 2024 catalogue. Simply contact us via e-mail (info@maoci.de) or by phone (+49 (0) 234 - 36 93 97 70). You can already find the new lookbook with all products, but without price information, here.


Experience the blue hour!

The time has come – the new catalogue is out now! MAOCI is presenting the 2024 product range to you earlier than ever before

Do you know that moment between day and night when the sun has just set, but darkness has not yet completely fallen? The blue hour bathes the surroundings in a magical light and paints us a fascinating world. This unique atmosphere awaits you this year at the MAOCI catalogue 2024! On 144 pages you will find more than 1000 items from the areas of cast iron, porcelain, glass and matcha - including more than 70 new products.

When it came to the design, MAOCI relied again on the proven collaboration with photographer Conny Kurth. As during the blue hour, the teapots, teacups, matcha bowls, porcelain and glass products shine in magical light, once more creating unique images.

You can expect new mugs, but also new matcha bowls and numerous new matcha sets. The new cast iron teapot Kitami bridges the brand own gap between tradition and modernity with its design. The 2024 catalogue has been released on March 15th, which is earlier than ever before! Therefore earlier than ever you have the chance to order from the brand new MAOCI range! That does not mean that you miss new products later this year. There will be an update to the range in autumn.

This was possible by a modern online catalogue. As last year, MAOCI does not provide a print version anymore and thereby makes its contribution to protecting valuable resources. As an online document, the catalogue can not only be viewed from different devices regardless of location. Thanks to interactive elements, the handling is very easy.

Let yourself be enchanted by the new MAOCI range! We would be happy to send you the link to the 2024 catalogue. Just contact us via email (info@maoci.de) or by phone (+49 (0) 234 - 36 93 97 70). You can already find the new lookbook with all products, but without price information, here.


Catalogue 2024 – the countdown is on

Look forward with us: The new MAOCI catalog 2024 will be released on March 15th, one week from now

The countdown is running. It only takes exactly one week - then the new MAOCI catalogue 2024 will be released on March 15th. Never ever we have presented our current range with all the innovations to you so early! Therefore never you had the chance to check it and then order so early during the year!

Accordingly, preparations at MAOCI are currently in full swing at all areas. The past few weeks have seen intensive work on the development of numerous new products. Ideas were collected, implementation worked out with suppliers, samples were ordered and suggestions were sometimes discarded.

Numerous new items have made it into the MAOCI range and have already been photographed in the appropriate light. We do not want to reveal too much in advance - do you already have an idea what it might be?


Five become 17

The popular MAOCI mugs family is increasing more and more: There are now twelve new items in stock

Do you already know the mugs from MAOCI? Not? Then you now have another chance! Because from now on there are no less than twelve new mugs in stock - and of course also to purchase. The MAOCI range now includes a total of 17 mugs.

With those we react onto the great feedback of our and your customers. The new mugs are currently the highest demanded items in the current MAOCI catalogue!

All mugs have a capacity of 500ml and are available with different decors. They are not only real pieces of jewelry, but also offer an extra large portion of pleasure. So do not hesitate to place your order.

For pictures of all new mugs, simply contact us without obligation (e-mail: info@maoci.de, telephone: +49 (0) 234 - 36 93 97 70). We will be happy to send these to you!


Welcome 2024!

Look forward to an eventful MAOCI-year with many new products and a catalogue that is appearing earlier than ever before

Do you know that: It is mid-January and you are wondering whether you still want a Happy New Year at this point? It doesn't matter to us at MAOCI, because it is never too late for best wishes! Therfore MAOCI wishes you which means all partners, customers, friends and fans, a great 2024 with lots of joy and health!

Let´s start an eventful year with us, in which we can hopefully inspire you again with our products! After the great demand last year, you can look forward to new cups in different designs and colours. You can also expect an even larger selection of matcha bowls and therefore numerous new matcha sets.

You will find all of this and much more in our new catalogue, which will be published in early spring in 2024, which is earlier than ever before. We will update it again in time for the tea season in autumn, so that the entire MAOCI product range is available to you at the busiest time of the year.

Traditional and modern - with this combination, MAOCI is happy to be there for you again this year and offers you tea equipment for connoisseurs. Stay tuned and excited!