Advice for cast iron

Cast iron is a very long-lasting material. But it is important to pay attention to advice for carrying your MAOCI-teapot with a long and intensive pleasure. Each teapot is uniquely cast and coloured and produced in a hi-tech process. The small differences between single items are absolutely normal and evidence of true handcraft. All advice is not applicable for cast iron teapots. Of course, they can be used with all cast iron MAOCI products.

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Before your first use?
Before using it for the first time, you should rinse your cast iron teapot several times with lukewarm water. Only heat the pot when it is at least two-thirds full.

Which heat sources can be used?
A cast iron teapot is suitable for all heat sources except gas cookers. Like all metal objects, it should never be heated in the microwave.

Why do the teapots have the enamel inside and how can I protect it?
The cast iron teapot is sealed inside with enamel. Use this only for acid-free green and black teas. Fruits, rooibos and herbal teas must be acid-free as well.

Are the tea deposits inside normal?
Over time, tea deposits, also called patina, will develop inside the pot. Please rinse the teapot with lukewarm water after each use. If you do not want patina, wipe the inside of the pot with a soft cloth every two to three uses.

How do I have to clean the teapot correctly?
When cleaning, avoid using cleaning agents or acidic substances such as acetic or citric acid, as they damage cast iron and enamel.
If the pourer is stained, for example by grease, you can use a diluted detergent solution. But this should remain the exception. The pourer should not be cleaned in the dishwasher or with sharp sponges or the like.

Are little rust spots normal?
Sooner or later, every cast iron teapot will show small spots of rust. This is in the nature of these jugs and does not harm the jug or your health. If these areas bother you, they can be treated with a slightly oily cloth after rinsing.

* The instructions for use apply to all cast iron products of MAOCI.