Exclusive Design

The connection between tradition and modernity is one of the outstanding characteristics behind our designs. It means that you will find many pieces with a very traditional look, but also tea pots, teacups, tea warmers or mats with a clear and modern look. In co-operation with our porcelain suppliers we have created many designs which are produced exclusively for MAOCI. All our products are painted by hand to give each single MAOCI product a great uniqueness.

True Handcraft

It does not matter if it is porcelain, glass or cast iron – all MAOCI products are handmade – and all items receive their colour finish by hand. Therefore, each MAOCI product is a handmade masterpiece which with no equal.

Look out to the MAOCI branding. On all of our items you can find a M or the complete MAOCI tag, so that it is easy to recognize: Only when MAOCI is written on it, you really hold MAOCI in your hands.

Certificated Quality

Every single MAOCI item has been chosen very carefully. MAOCI only cooperates with special suppliers whose quality we have checked and approved personally. Verifying our quality management all cast iron, porcelain, and glass MAOCI products are approved by Eurofins, the leading laboratory for microbiological analysis of products in Germany. We are willing to send you the corresponding certificates if you request it.